How to prepare for UPSC in 6 months

How to prepare for UPSC in 6 months

In this Article We are going to tell you How to prepare for UPSC in 6 Months. The Civil Service exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission and candidates need a minimum of 6 dedicated months with the proper study plan to crack the exam. Candidates should have the right strategy due to the vast nature of the UPSC syllabus.

  1. Keep in mind that marks obtained in the prelims stage will not be counted for the final merit list. 
  2. You cannot appear in the mains exam or an interview without clearing the first level that is known as the Prelims exam of the UPSC. So, it is very important to follow the right strategy to qualify for the UPSC exam. There is no need to make multiple attempts but you should follow the right approach and preparation plan to crack this exam on the very first attempt.
  3. If you wish that result is in your favor then having the right plan and strategy will help to complete the syllabus and also allocate time for revision. 
  4. Give equal attention to all the subjects especially on the weaker subjects it will increase your chance of clearing the preliminary exam.
  5. Some candidates allocate proper time for General Studies subjects but underestimate the preparation planning for CSAT paper; this is not a good approach. You should also give proper time to the CSAT paper
  6. Make a preparation plan according to your need and you can modify it as per your requirement.
  7. It is expected that candidates should spend at least 6 to 8 hours of dedicated preparation and it should be extended 12 to 14 hours when the exam is nearby.
  8. Prepare Ancient History first while preparing History subject. After this, you can move on to medieval and modern History. It will help to understand the flow of events in History and to understand and remember the facts in a better way.
  9. Focus on the basic book first such as NCERTs and after this refer to other standard books for a better understanding of all subjects.
  10. Along with NCERTs and standard books with all the static subjects, candidates also follow monthly current affairs magazines by Youth Destination, Yojana magazine, Kurukshetra magazine to prepare current affairs. If you do have not enough time to prepare current affairs you can go for a monthly compilation of current affairs by Youth Destination and also can read the gist of Yojana and Kurukshetra.

  11. Follow a month-wise preparation schedule to kickstart your UPSC preparation for a 6 months schedule. You should spend at least 2 hours on revision apart from 8 hours of dedicated study.

Some tips & strategies to prepare for UPSC Exam in 6 months

In this Section We are going to tell you some tips and tricks & Strategies to prepare for UPSC in 6 months. Yes you have heard it right you can prepare for UPSC Exam in 6 Months and Also crack it if you have a right strategy only then, because UPSC is not a easy examination to crack like any other examination for UPSC you have to give your 100% and if you give your 100% then you will definitely crack UPSC Examination. 

How to prepare for UPSC in 6 months - Youth Destination IAS
  • Checking the previous year’s question paper will give you a clear idea about what to expect in the prelims and mains exam as well. No matter if you are going to appear in the Civil Service exam for the first time or it is your second or third attempt. 
  • Go through the past ten years’ paper at least once before starting your preparation.
  • A lot of questions are asked directly from the NCERT in the UPSC Prelims exam so revising the NCERT books should be your topmost priority for the last six months.
  • You can also consider NCERT notes if you have less time to master all the concepts and probable questions.
  • Generally, 15 to 20 questions are asked from current affairs. The question of current affairs deals with the going on of the year, so focus on the current affair for at least 12 to 15 months.
  • You can follow the monthly compilation of current affairs by Youth Destination to get comprehensive material on current affairs preparation.
  • Candidates should focus only on the mock test in the last two months.
  • Enroll in a reliable test series without any further delay when the exam is nearer to prepare the question well and revise them consistently.
  • Some candidates neglect the CSAT paper because it just needs 33% for qualifying. But you should practice previous year’s questions on quantitative aptitude and reasoning because if you don’t qualify for the CSAT exam you will not be able to clear the Prelims exam. No matter whatever your score is in the other General Studies papers. So don’t avoid the CSAT paper. give at least a month to prepare it thoroughly.
  • Although the Prelims exam is qualifying in nature, focusing on a proper strategy should be the first and important step that will lead you to the Civil Service main exam.
  • Youth Destination is one of the best IAS coaching in Delhi that offers a prelims preparation course. This course is designed especially for candidates who want a quick revision of the course. You can enroll in this subject-specific course for a focused guideline in a particular subject. Students can consult with our course counselor to get more information about the Civil Service exam preparation.
  • Make sure your basics must be sufficiently well developed when you start UPSC preparation.
  • You cannot afford to waste a single day while preparing in 6 months for the civil service exam. You should be clear enough in your mind about the booklist, strategy, priorities and everything else.
  • Try to minimize your own mistakes and learn from mistakes made by others. You can read the interview of toppers and neglect the mistakes that candidates often make.
  • Have a profound study of History, Geography, Economy and International Relation
  • You should be confident enough about clearing this exam because simply when You believe in something then nothing can stop you from getting that. so you will need to be stubborn and arrogant about the Civil Service exam.
  • You should put your best for UPSC preparation if you want to clear it in 6 month

Online coaching for IAS exam

  • More and more candidates are looking for online coaching these days due to the COVID pandemic. Youth Destination gives you all the reasons to join online coaching.
  • Youth Destination has been delivering online classes and you can sign up for a very little fee. Online classes are a one-stop solution for civil service exam preparation in the current scenario.
  • We ensure to keep the batch size small in online coaching programs because every candidate needs personal attention throughout their civil service journey so that faculty can focus on individual candidates.
  • We offer a complete study plan right at the beginning of the batch to complete the whole syllabus in a structured manner and on time.
  • The doubt session is one of the highly appreciated sections by our candidates. We have regular doubt sessions in an online coaching program where aspirants can interact with the faculty members directly and they can solve all their academic and non-academic doubts at any time.
  • We offer recordings of online lectures to revisit earlier classes for revision.
  • Candidates will learn here step by step after building a solid foundation for their knowledge. First of all your basics will be cleared and after this studying advanced topics will become very easy.
  • Candidates can clarify their doubts and get guidance from the best mentors and faculty team.
  • We target to prepare the candidate for every stage of the UPSC exam through regular evaluation and in-depth performance analysis. Therefore, mock test series are provided to ensure the learning and testing must go hand in hand.
  • Our online course covers General Studies for prelims and mains exam, CSAT paper, essay paper, optional subject preparation, current affairs answer writing practice and interview preparation.
  • Youth Destination offers a comprehensive test series program with 30 mock tests including a full-length test for General Studies paper 1 and paper 2 and for current affairs.
  • Our text series program provides bilingual question papers and answers with exhaustive analysis. 
  • Our full-length mock test series covers all aspects of General Studies paper,  CSAT paper and current affairs.
  • You will get paper-wise and all India ranking for all test series.

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