How to Prepare For IAS? A Top Study Plan

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IAS officially known as the civil service examination is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission annually. It is one of the most competitive exams in India. Over 10 lakh people apply for this exam yearly and only some lucky and hardworking candidates actually crack it. Candidates willing to apply for this particular exam should be extremely hard working and also should be clear with their vision of cracking the exam. They should choose Best IAS Coaching in Delhi so that they are given a proper IAS Training in Delhi.


There is a number of Top IAS Coaching in Delhi, but only a few of them actually give the right coaching and study material. The teachers in Top IAS Academy in Delhi help the candidates in actually choosing the right path and help them in making a proper study plan.


Now the question is how do we actually prepare for IAS?


To become an IAS officer, the candidates has to clear 3 main stages, namely;


Prelims- Are basically an objective type or multiple choice questions. There is negative marking in this particular stage, but negative marking for any incorrect answer will be 1/3rd of the allotted marks in that particular question. For every candidate it is mandatory to appear in both the civil services prelims exam paper for evaluation. The marks scored by the aspirant in this particular exam are not counted in the final score. The candidates who do not score the cutoff marks are eliminated.


Mains- Is the second stage, which is a written descriptive examination and comprises of 9 papers, i.e., Paper A which is the compulsory Indian Language, Paper B is English while the other papers are Essay, General Studies I, II, III,IV, optional paper I and optional paper II which is basically considered for the final ranking. The candidates who score above the cut off marks in the IAS Exam will get qualified for the Personality Test which is basically the last stage of the IAS Exam. The candidates can choose their medium of writing the mains as Hindi or English or any other language which is listed in the 8th Schedule of the Indian Constitution.


UPSC interview or the Personality test- Candidates who clear the Mains exam with the required cut off marks enter this stage of the IAS exam. The candidates are sent for a face to face discussion round with the board members. The candidates are asked questions about current affairs, general knowledge, their hobbies and other situation related questions.


There are 9 subjects in total:-

  • Geography
  • Polity
  • Economics
  • Environment
  • Ethic
  • History
  • International Relations
  • Internal Security
  • S&T


These 9 subjects are super important and the candidates should be thorough with all of them. The candidates should keep at least 2 months for revision and practice. They should start their preparation from International relations and simultaneously study International security. If the candidates choose to study 2 subjects together, they should choose one new subject and the other one with which they are familiar with. The idea here is to get into a routine of studying and also to step out of their comfort zone.


IAS Exam is not an easy exam, some people take years to crack it and some crack it in 1 go, luck are the ones who actually crack it in the first go. To actually study 9 subjects is a big task but if you properly sit and fully concentrate in studying, you might be one of the lucky ones. Often a majority of the candidates miss out on the style of writing answers, they do not practice answer writing during the mains exam which leads to a bad answer formation.


The aspirants should at least study for a minimum of 10 hours a day excluding the time where they will be taking test series in Best IAS Coaching in Delhi.


The candidates usually have 3 months before the mains, which will help them complete the course which is left and should revise the subjects which they are not confident about. The candidates should solve as many question papers as possible for 2 most important subjects, I.e., GS and CSAT. Even if the candidates solve 50-100 question papers, in total they will solve round 5000 to 10000 questions which will cover most of the questions. Referring to the previous year question paper is one of the most important tasks a candidate should do.


Lastly, if the candidates follow the tips and manage their time, nobody can stop them from cracking the IAS exam. Top IAS Coaching In Delhi provide a customized study plan to the candidates, which is a plus point for them as they can sit face to face with their teachers and make a proper time table which is well suited for both the teacher and the candidate. Even if the candidates start preparing for 4 hours a day, they should gradually increase it to 12 hours a day and should repeatedly give practice tests in Top IAS Coaching in Delhi, which will surely help them gain more confidence and will also help to evaluate in which subject they are lacking behind. Some of the Best IAS Training in Delhi also provides online lectures and tests which can be recorded and the candidates can watch the recorded videos anytime of the day.


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