How to Crack UPSC CSE Exam in 4 months like Odisha’s Simi Karan

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How to crack UPSC civil service examination in 4 months like Odisha Simi Karan

Simi Karan has secured 31st place in all India ranking of Civil Service exam. She was born in Odisha but brought up in Steel City, Bhilai (Chhattisgarh). She made her family proud by clearing the UPSC exam on the first attempt. Simi said that her approach towards life changed when she saw the struggle of slum children in Mumbai. She decided to contribute to changing the lives of deprived people. She had less time to prepare because UPSC exams were right ahead to be attempted in June and her IIT exam ended in the month of May. Therefore, she chose a smart strategy that helped her get success in less time. She wishes to work towards women’s empowerment and education.

How to Crack UPSC CSE Exam in 4 months like Odisha's Simi Karan
Simi Karan IAS

Simi has always been a bright student and was a state topper in class 12th and after this pursued IIT from Mumbai.

Her father works at Bhilai Steel Plant while her mother is a teacher at DPS.

Simi was inspired by Durg SP Prashant Thakur and Collector Sarveshwar Bhure.

With guidance from teachers and mentors, dedication and hard work, she secured to clear this exam in the first attempt.

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How to prepare for the IAS exam in 4 months

Many candidates think it is not possible to crack the UPSC prelim exam in 4 months. The Prelims exam is the first step to becoming an IAS officer. If you are dedicated to your goal then you can absolutely clear the Prelims exam in 4 months. We will guide you about the exam pattern, subjects, marks and all details of the UPSC exam.

Prelims exam

Prelims exam consists of General Studies papers 1 and CSAT exam.

Paper first consists of hundred questions of 200 marks and negative marking is also applicable for each wrong answer.

Paper-II or CSAT consists of 80 questions carrying 200 marks.

The Prelims exam is qualifying in nature and the marks will not be counted for the final merit list. Candidates have to secure cut-off marks in paper 1st and 33 % marks in CSAT paper. Prelims exam is just a screening test for the UPSC mains exam.

How to prepare for UPSC Prelims

Going through the syllabus is very important to plan strategy and organize your study plan. Making the right plan will help you to do selective study. Go through the previous year’s paper to understand the type of questions that are asked in the UPSC exam. It will also help you to understand the subject-wise trend for this exam.

After getting familiar with the Prelims exam pattern, marking scheme and previous year trends, it is time to make a strategy to get maximum benefit.

Candidates should go for authentic sources or study material for a good output in minimum time.

Solve previous year’s question papers and give appropriate time for revision. Candidates also take mock tests each day in the last two months.


  • Current events of National and International importance
  • History of India, Indian National movement
  • Indian and World geography (physical, social, Economical Geography of India and World)
  • Indian polity and Governance (Constitution, Public policy, Political system, Panchayati Raj, Right issues)
  • Economic and Social development, what is sustainable development, Inclusion, Demographics, social sector initiatives etc.
  • Biodiversity and climate change, General issues of Environmental Ecology
  • General Science

CSAT paper syllabus

  • Logical and analytical reasoning
  • English comprehension
  • Decision-making
  • Basic numeracy and Data interpretation

Subject wise books for IAS exam

Indian polity

Indian Polity by RBD publication

NCERT books

Indian Polity by Laxmi Kant

This is the most important book for civil service exam preparation. Make sure you don’t leave any chapter from this and revise it at least four to five times before the prelims exam.

Indian Economy

Indian Economy by RBD publication

NCERT book

Candidates should have a clear understanding of the concept from the Economy section. The best way to prepare for the Indian economy is by reading newspapers. Questions are generally based on current events.


History by RBD publication

NCERT class 6th to 12th

Candidates should focus on events, personal place and chronology for Modern History. Religion, way of life, instruments and places are important topics for Ancient History while medieval history consists of religious leaders, invasion etc.

Indian Culture

Candidates should give special attention to folk dance and monuments in the news. Apart from this, this should have a complete study of Jainism and Buddhism and the differences.


Geography by RBD publication

Geography by GC Leong

Geography is a very important subject and easy scoring if you study well. Focus on the process, phenomena and the location in news.


Environment notes by Youth Destination

Class 12th Biology

The environment is one of the most important topics for the IAS exam. You should read about organizations, new schemes, IUCN list, UNFCCC, Heritage sites and national parks.

Science and Technology

Science topics from NCERT books

Current affairs from newspaper

Candidates should follow a standard newspaper like ‘The Hindu’, solve test series on a daily basis and know the latest advancements in Technology, Biotechnology, Space Science etc.

Current affairs

Test series help a lot while preparing for current affairs because this is the most dynamic portion of the IAS exam syllabus. Candidates should follow monthly current affairs magazine by Youth Destination, Yojana magazine, Kurukshetra magazine, India Year Book, Economic Survey, Government schemes, Current affair notes by Youth Destination.


Aspirants should devote a major part of their time to revision. You will not get the desired result if you don’t spend these days judiciously. Revise every topic that you have read in the past before the actual exam. If you have less time then you can leave some new topics but give proper time for revision. There is no use in studying a new topic in the last 50 days but revising the questions and solving the mock test series and revising the questions that you have marked in the test series. Revision is the most important thing in the last 2 months.

Test series

Test series is a part of the comprehensive preparation strategy for prelims and mains exams as well. The test series covers all the sections of the syllabus. You will find the live environment while taking the test series.

Candidates should subscribe or enroll in test series and try to take mock test series on a regular basis. Mark the questions that you find difficult.

Give proper time for revision for the above-mentioned standard books.

You should also follow monthly magazines like Youth Destination current affair magazine, Yojana magazine and Kurukshetra magazine. Revise the topic multiple times.

There is no need to wait for the syllabus to be completed to take a mock test series. You should start taking mock test series as soon as possible. No one knows the answer to all the questions. you should learn elimination techniques to get the right answer to that question.

Small breaks are indispensable but never take a weekly break or holiday; a few-hour break is sufficient. Keep your mind fresh to fulfill this challenge. There is no room for demotivation at this time so be confident, dedicated and positive towards your goal.

Keep in mind that there is no shortcut formula to crack the UPSC exam if your basics are clear and you are reading newspapers, current affairs magazines on a regular basis for at least one year then 4 months are enough for the Prelims exam.

But if you have no idea about the exam syllabus or pattern then you cannot track this exam in 4 months. The preparation for the IAS exam is a long-term process. So, you should be well aware of Indian History, Geography, Constitution system, institutions, exam syllabus, pattern, previous year question papers because every candidate wants to be on the final list. You will get a limited number of attempts therefore choose them wisely.

Full dedication and concentration will help you to clear the Civil Service exam in 4 months. Focus on your study and give more and more time to your preparation. Start your preparation now and complete the syllabus. Nothing is impossible, don’t think that you have less time because it can make you hyper. It is not possible to cover all the syllabus so don’t think that the syllabus is vast. Go through the previous year’s question paper and find out the areas that are more important. A Selective and dedicated study will help you to crack this exam in 4 months.

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