How is the Prime Minister’s security planned

How is the Prime Minister security planned

Planning the security of the Prime Minister during any visit is an elaborate task. This includes both central agencies and state police forces. For this, comprehensive guidelines have been laid down in the ‘Blue Book’ of the Special Protection Group (SPG).

Only SPG provides close security to the Prime Minister.

When the Prime Minister is visiting any state, it is the responsibility of the state police to ensure overall security.

They are responsible for gathering intelligence, securing the route, securing the venue and managing the crowd.

Central intelligence agencies are responsible for providing inputs about any threat to security.

However, the SPG takes the final decision on how to arrange for the security of the Prime Minister.

About the SPG

  • SPG was established in the year 1985. It is regulated through the Special Protection Team Act, 1988 passed by the Parliament.
  • It aims to provide near-term security to the Prime Minister, former Prime Ministers and their current family members.
  • The SPG has tried to achieve its objective by adopting innovative methods not only in its functioning but also in the overall security setup in collaboration with Intelligence Bureau (IB) and State/UT Police forces.

Source – The Hindu

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