Heritage Bye Laws – National Monuments Authority

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Heritage Bye Laws – National Monuments Authority

Recently the National Monuments Authority (NMA) has made an excellent effort to frame Heritage Bye Laws (HBL).

NMA has framed 101 Heritage Bye-laws (HBL) during the COVID period (from the year 2019 onwards). In these, a total of 126 monuments protected by the central government have been included.

The Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains (AMASR) (Amendment and Verification) Act, 2010 has made it mandatory for all monuments protected by the central government to have their own HBL.

The work of HBLs was to be completed by the year 2012.

These bye-laws became necessary due to the rapid rate of urbanization, the pressure of development works and increasing population, increasing pressure on the land around the monuments protected by the central government, etc. Only repair works are allowed within 100 meters of protected monuments under the AMASR Act.

HBLs should be implemented to regulate construction works in the area between 100 meters to 300 meters.

The ABLs will help regulate property and personal development around the monuments.

National Monuments Authority

  • NMA is an institution under the Union Ministry of Culture. It has been constituted as per the provisions of the AMASR Act,
  • This institution centrally manages the prohibited and regulated area around the protected monuments. Thus responsible for the protection and conservation of monuments and sites.

Source – The Hindu

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