Winning Over Mothers with Hepatitis B (WOMB) Program

Winning Over Mothers with Hepatitis B (WOMB) Program

  • Recently Winning over Mothers with Hepatitis B (WOMB) program has been organized.
  • This program has been started jointly by the Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences (Delhi) and the Government of Delhi.
  • It aims to spread awareness about mother-to-child transmission of Hepatitis-B.
  • This awareness campaign will be conducted by appointing 100 mothers suffering from Hepatitis-B as ambassadors and teachers.
  • The event was organized to mark the 25th anniversary of the ‘Yellow Ribbon Campaign’. The Yellow Ribbon Campaign was started in the year 1998 to raise public awareness about viral hepatitis.


  • This disease is caused by Hepatitis B virus.
  • Due to this, people can get serious diseases like cirrhosis and liver cancer. Thus it poses a high risk of death.
  • The disease is passed from mother to child during birth and through horizontal transmission (through infected blood).
  • At present its vaccine is available. Hepatitis-B can be prevented by the vaccine, which is a safe and effective solution.

Source – The Hindu

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