Heat Action Plan Highlights 2022 Report

Heat Action Plan Highlights 2022 Report

A recently released report states that Indian cities and districts should be prepared to protect vulnerable people from heat stress.

The report “Expanding Heat Resilience Across India: Heat Action Plan Highlights 2022” calls on cities and districts to step up efforts to protect vulnerable people.

This report has been prepared by the Natural Resources Defense Council in collaboration with the India Meteorological Department (IMD) and other agencies.

Highlights of Report:

  • Hot weather is a major health threat to vulnerable communities in India and other parts of the world.
  • Heat stress, such as physical illnesses and symptoms caused by exposure to high temperatures and frequent humidity, affect 68 million people worldwide.
  • In India, heat wave conditions are more likely to prevail over some parts of west-central and north-west India.

Heat Action Plans (HAPS) are essential to protect communities, and save lives from extreme heat. In 2013, Ahmedabad became the first city in India and South Asia to prepare a Heat Action Plan. The India Meteorological Department and the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) are working closely with the 23 heat wave prone states identified in the year 2019.

The aim is to develop a heat action plan. Color code signals have been developed to issue heat alerts. Accordingly, action has to be taken.

The color code signals and related actions:

  • Green Alert: no action
  • Yellow Alert: Providing updated information,
  • Orange Alert: Be prepared to act, and
  • Red Alert: Take Action.

Key elements of the Heat Action Plan (HAP):

  • Organize community outreach programs to build public awareness.
  • Early warning system to alert residents and coordinate between different agencies. Capacity building among health professionals.
  • Focusing on vulnerable groups such as farmers, construction workers and the traffic police.
  • Implementing adaptation measures.

Source – The Hindu

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