The Hakki Pikki Tribes From Karnataka

The Hakki Pikki Tribes From Karnataka

Amidst the recent violence in Sudan, more than 181 members of the Hakki Pikki tribal community from Karnataka in India are stranded in violence-affected areas.

Hakki Pikki Tribe

  • The Hakki Pikki are a semi-nomadic tribe that traditionally trap and hunt birds and live in the forested areas of western and southern India.
  • It is a Scheduled Tribe of Karnataka and historically believed to have an ancestral connection with Rana Pratap Singh.
  • The origin of Hakki-Pikki tribe is believed to be Gujarat and Rajasthan, which reached South India via Andhra Pradesh.
  • This tribe is divided into four clans and their population in Karnataka is 11,892.
  • There are four gotras of this tribe, namely Gujaratioa, Kaliwala, Mewara and Panwara.
  • The general age of marriage among this tribe is 18 years for women and 22 for men and inter-caste marriages are preferred.
  • This society is matriarchal and monogamy is the norm.
  • Hakki Pikki in Karnataka follow Hindu traditions and celebrate all Hindu festivals.
  • The level of education among the Hakki Pikki is still low. The Hakki-Pikki depend mainly on the natural resources of the forests for their livelihood.
  • Due to the challenges faced by the tribe due to strict wildlife protection laws, he gave up his business of hunting and started selling herbal oils, spices and plastic flowers at local temple fairs.

Migration to Africa:

  • In recent years members of the Hakki Pikki tribe have been traveling to African countries to sell their products as there is a high demand for Ayurvedic products in the continent.
  • Investments in raw resources like hibiscus powder, oil extraction, amla, ayurvedic plants etc. are expected to yield high returns due to better opportunities available in the markets of African countries.

Causes of violence in Sudan:

  • The country recently witnessed violence between two forces – the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support Force (RSF) due to the tense atmosphere.
  • Talks were underway about the merger of the forces into the National Army as a political settlement with the transfer of power to military officers.
  • The involvement of hardliners within the army led to tensions, which later escalated into violence.

Source – Indian Express

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