Hack proof communication network, self-eating-rockets, vanishing-satellites : ISRO

Hack proof communication network, self-eating-rockets, vanishing-satellites : ISRO

Recently the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is working on the destroyer technology of the future.

ISRO is focusing on new technologies ranging from self-eating-rockets to self-vanishing satellites and make-in-space concepts to quantum communication and radar.

This is being worked on through the Directorate of Technology Development and Innovation (DTDI), a futuristic and innovative technology development division at ISRO Headquarters.

About self-eating rockets and self-destructing satellites

  • ISRO is working on a self-eating rocket based on the material used for rocket casing. It can burn itself along with the motors in the last phase of the campaign. This will help reduce the problem of space debris.
  • Self-destructing satellite technology would enable the spacecraft to be destroyed after its use-up through a “kill-button” or a process called detonation.

About space debris

  • Space debris is the fragments of machinery left by humans in space. These are mainly found in Earth’s orbit. These include the remains of defunct satellites, rockets and spacecraft, etc.
  • Currently, there are an estimated 20,000 objects in low Earth orbit, including satellites and space debris.

Related concerns:

Space debris can pose a threat to active satellites and spacecraft. The risk of a possible collision between the space station and the debris exists. If the risk of collision is too high, Earth’s orbit may become impassable.

Kessler syndrome

If there is a lot of space debris in orbit, it can result in a chain reaction. In this more and more objects will collide and create new space debris. Its ultimate culmination would be in the form of the Earth’s orbit becoming unusable.

Source – The Hindu

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