Group of Friends organization for peacekeepers

Group of Friends organization for peacekeepers 

  • Recently India has launched a “Group of Friends” to promote accountability for crimes against peacekeepers.
  • It was launched during India’s presidency of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

What is Group of Friends?

  • The “Group of Friends to Promote Accountability for Crimes Against Peacekeepers” is an informal forum that will work to promote accountability for all acts of violence against UN peacekeepers.
  • It seeks to provide capacity building and technical assistance for the authorities of host states to prevent and address such crimes.
  • Its co-chairs are India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Egypt, France and Morocco.
  • This informal forum will serve as a platform to exchange information, share best practices and mobilize resources to facilitate accountability for crimes committed against peacekeepers.
  • The Forum will actively share information with the Secretary-General and assist Member States that are hosting peacekeeping operations or assisting them in bringing perpetrators to justice.
  • It will hold 2 meetings of its members each year, and one event each year involving permanent missions and other stakeholders.

Why was the group created?

  • The “Group of Friends” are countries involved in the implementation of the provisions of the UNSC resolution, which was adopted in August 2021 under the UNSC chairmanship of India.

Source – The Hindu

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