Green Hydrogen/Green Ammonia Policy Notified

Green Hydrogen/Green Ammonia Policy Notified

Recently the Ministry of Power has notified the Green Hydrogen/Green Ammonia Policy.

The National Hydrogen Mission was announced by the Prime Minister on the occasion of India’s 75th Independence Day. The goal of this mission is to produce 5 million ton of green hydrogen by the year 2030. It is in this light that this policy has been notified.

Meaning of Green Ammonia & Hydrogen:

Production of hydrogen and ammonia based fuels. This production is done using electricity obtained from renewable energy sources.

Salient Features of the Policy:

  • Green hydrogen/ammonia manufacturers can buy renewable energy from the electricity exchange. In addition, they can also set up renewable energy generation capacity on their own.
  • Hydrogen/ammonia manufacturers will be given the benefit of Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO).
  • Selected manufacturers will be given exemption from inter-state transmission charges for a period of 25 years.
  • Manufacturers and renewable energy plants will be connected to the grid on a priority basis.
  • Manufacturers will be allowed to set up bunkers near ports. This would allow them to store green ammonia for export or use for shipping.
  • A single portal will be set up to carry out all the activities including statutory clearances.

Importance of Green Hydrogen/Green Ammonia Policy:

  • Providing clean fuel to people, reducing dependence on fossil fuels, reducing import of crude oil,
  • Exports to India for G – Hydrogen/Green Ammonia.
  • Helping to emerge as the center etc.

Source – The Hindu

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