Govt. bans 54 Chinese apps that pose threat to the India

Govt. bans 54 Chinese apps that pose threat to the India

Recently, China has reacted harshly to the mobile apps ban by the Indian government.

Last week, the Indian government banned 54 other mobile applications of Chinese origin. China has strongly criticized this move of India. According to him, the interests of Chinese companies have been affected by this move.

  • The Indian government first banned Chinese mobile apps in June 2020. This step was taken due to tension between the two countries and Chinese incursion into Ladakh.
  • The restriction has been imposed in exercise of powers under Section 8SA of the Information Technology (IT) Act and the Information Technology (Procedure and Safeguards to Block the Use of Information by the Public) Rules, 2009.
  • Section 69A of the Information Technology Act empowers the central government to block access to certain websites and computer resources. The government can do this in the interest of the country’s defense, sovereignty and integrity, security of the state, etc.

Major security concerns highlighted:

  • These apps have misused real time data. In addition, this data has also been transmitted to servers located in a hostile country.
  • Collection of this data, data mining (searching for useful information) and data-profiling by hostile elements has posed a serious threat to India’s national security.
  • These apps are designed keeping in mind the emerging market system. These apps are an important part of China’s Digital Silk Route strategy.

Source – The Hindu

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