Global Innovation Index 2022

Global Innovation Index 2022

Recently the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has released the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2022.

GII-2022 reflects the performance of 132 economies of the world in the innovation ecosystem. In addition, this index also tracks the latest global innovation trends.

GII ranking is based on two sub-indices-

  • Innovation Input Sub-Index; And
  • Innovation Output Sub-index.

Key Findings of report-

  • India is ranked 40th in GII-2022. In the year 2021, it was ranked 46th. In this way, in the year 2022, India has become the most innovative economy among the lower middle income countries.
  • For the twelfth year in a row, Switzerland remains at the first position in the GII. The United States is in second place.

GII-2022 sees the following two innovative waves as the hope of the future:

  • Digital Age Innovative Wave: It is based on supercomputing, artificial intelligence and automation. This wave will soon generate massive productivity impact across all sectors including services. In addition, this wave is also helping in scientific discovery in basic science of all fields.
  • Deep Science Innovation Wave: It is based on discoveries in biotechnology, nanotechnology, new materials and other areas of science. These are revolutionizing innovations in four sectors of greater importance to the society. These are the four areas: Health, Food, Environment and Mobility.

NITI Aayog releases the ‘India Innovation Index’ every year. It covers the broad framework of GII. The India Innovation Index ranks states and union territories on the basis of their performance in innovation. Its aim is to promote healthy competition among them.

Global Innovation Index (GII)

Innovation Input Sub-Index-

  • Market Sophistication: Debt/Investment/Business/Diversification and Market Scale
  • Business finishing: Knowledge based personnel / Innovation linkage / Knowledge acquisition
  • Infrastructure : Information and Communication Technology (ICT) / General Infrastructure / Ecological Sustainability
  • Human Capital and Research: Education / Tertiary Education / Research and Development
  • Institution: Political Environment / Regulatory Environment / Business Environment

Innovation Output Sub-Index-

  • Knowledge and Technology Output : Knowledge Creation / Gyan Prabhat
  • Creative Output: Intangible Assets/Creative Goods and Services/Online Creativity

Source – PIB

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