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Hindi is widely used in India despite it not being a national language. India does not even have a national language. Nevertheless, there are thousands of UPSC aspirants appear in the examinations in the Hindi language. Even though speaking percentage-wise, the demography using Hindi as a medium of expression is around 6% in all of UPSC exams.  


Youth Destination is the only UPSC online coaching in Hindi medium. So, you get the picture. If you have any problem, whatsoever, Youth Destination will solve it for you. Helping UPSC candidates and aspirants reach their life goal of having their dream job is the only priority here. For years, students or UPSC aspirants belonging from certain areas could not appear in these exams. 


Language is a means of expression and it does not prove someone’s intellectual capacity or decision making rationale whatsoever. There are thousands of villages across India where English is not even spoken or taught in schools. Students appearing in UPSC examinations in Hindi had to appear with zero to minimum guidance. However, here is the catch. 


Youth Destination brings to Hindi speaking majority their right to prepare with the same standards as the English speaking demographic. Nobody has the right to have an advantage over others, especially something like language. Despite efforts from various people Hindi speaking aspirants did not dare to conquer this field or job opportunity.


We understand that for years civil service aspirants had to feel left alone and depressed just because their form of expression does not contain English as the primary medium. Well, here is Youth Destination putting its best foot forward. Not only will the students get every study material translated into Hindi, but they will get every service in Hindi. 


Freedom of choosing a language and the opportunity of proving excellence is one step forward towards meritocracy. And, one step towards meritocracy can have a tremendous effect on people. People having equal opportunities is the key element in the growth and its fundamental meaning in India. 


Youth Destination will provide the same set of services to the Hindi-speaking audiences, Online test series for UPSC discussions and analysis of results – everything will be in Hindi. Current affairs play a big role in preparations for the ultimate showdown at UPSCville! So candidates who will be using Hindi as their primary language will be privy to Hindi analysis of their answer sheets from their online tests. Youth Destiny will not keep any stones unturned to turn you into the winner you have always dreamt of being. 


Your UPSC mains and UPSC prelims are always given similar attention as you would ordinarily expect. However, with Youth Destiny, you can always expect something better and greater. You can finish the entire syllabus of UPSC prelims under 132 hours of studying. Of course, we do not suggest that you finish it at a stretch. You can take your time. 


Online education system or E-learning is taking over traditional ways of learning. Truth be told, it has been hundreds of years since a classroom looked any different. It’s sadly the same as it used to look in the early 1700s. Youth Destination understands that its 21st century. Being present at the same time at a single location to learn something? Those days are evaporating fast and maybe there’s a better reason for that too! 


UPSC exams are often taken by students who are already working in some sector or the other. Having said that, it becomes difficult for the majority of candidates to take tuitions or the right guidance. Pre-recorded classes can help students learn about every aspect of the syllabus with the ability to rewind and listen to the instructions again & again. That’s the way it is supposed to be. However, some students or in this case candidates may feel like not questioning the mentor too much. There may be various reasons for it too! Candidates often do not question their mentors either out of shyness or fear that other students will lose out on precious time. 


With the option of watching a particular lesson over and over again helps students or UPSC aspirants learn easily, effectively and without any worry. Previously though, there was a time when most of the online video content regarding UPSC exam preparations were in English and not in Hindi. 


Situations can change only when bold steps are taken like the one taken by Youth Destiny. They have successfully translated every aspect of their program into Hindi for their Hindi medium aspirants appearing from around the country. Being online and studying with the help of the internet has brought the entire nation under one roof without having to travel and spend an excessive amount of money on travelling and settling in unfamiliar places. Youth Destiny has successfully brought every Indian together and it was necessary! And, that’s why they are considered the best UPSC classes in Delhi

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