Geographical Information System (GIS) plan completed for Gram Panchayats

Geographical Information System (GIS) plan completed for Gram Panchayats

Recently the plan of Geographical Information System (GIS) for about 75% of the Gram Panchayats was completed.

  • The Ministry of Rural Development has completed Geographical Information System (GIS) schemes for 2 lakh gram panchayats out of 2.69 lakh gram panchayats under MGNREGA. In this work, the Ministry has used remote sensing technology based on Ridge-to-Valley Approach.
  • GIS is a computer-based tool for mapping and analyzing geographic terrain. It provides scientific alternatives to suitable development works for the region.
  • It integrates common database operations such as queries and statistical analysis with the benefits of specific illustration and geographic analysis offered by maps.
  • Under MGNREGA, GIS option is used for better understanding of asset related data (watershed locations, farm-ponds, check dams, roads etc.) and their impact/consequence.

The scope of work under MGNREGA GIS includes –

  • Geo-referencing of satellite images and scanned images.

GIS Mapping:

  • Creating digital data (assets) for pan-rural India for specific tasks
  • Geo-tagging of images, and integration with related assets.

Other initiatives taken to facilitate planning of MGNREGA activities at the gram panchayat level are-

  • Yuktdhara Geospatial Planning Portal helps other Ministries to view the geographical location of the planned assets on a map.
  • A tool called Climate Resilience Information System and Planning (CRISP-M) will enable local communities to understand the impact of climate change.

About the Ridge-to-Valley Approach

It is an approach based on rainwater harvesting, diversion and collection and use. It contributes to better management of water runoff from the ridge to the valley. Also, ensures the conservation of rainwater. This leads to agricultural and economic stability.

Source – The Hindu


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