French President apologizes for ‘Rwanda genocide’

French President apologizes for Rwanda genocide

Recently, French President Emmanuel Macron has said in a statement that he accepts France’s role in the ‘genocide in Rwanda’ and expects an apology from the people of Rwanda.

The statement by France’s Emmanuel Macron came several years after Rwanda leveled allegations.

It should be noted that France was accused by Rwanda of participating in the brutality in the country in the year 1994.

Geographical location of ‘Rwanda’

  • Rwanda is a landlocked country located in Central Africa. Land-locked country means a country which is connected by land area from all side. Its capital is ‘Kigali’.
  • Here, the population of the Hutu community (Hutus) comes in the ‘majority’ and the population of the Tutsi community comes in the ‘minority’ category.

What is ‘Rwanda Genocide’?

  • In the year 1994, there was a horrific genocide in Rwanda, which is considered one of the worst genocide ever. In this massacre, about one million people died across the country. It was an ethnic conflict between the people of the ‘Tutsi’ and ‘Hutu’ communities of this country.
  • The plane carrying the then President Juvenal Habayarimana and Burundi’s President Capriel Ntarayamira was shot down in Kigali on the night of 6 April 1994 during the government of the ‘Hutu’ community. All the passengers aboard were killed.
  • The Hutu community understood this murder as an act done by the people of the Tutsi community and on the second day of the murder, massacre started all over the country.
  • The soldiers of the ‘Hutu’ government also joined in and they were ordered to kill the people of ‘Tutsi’ community.
  • In this massacre, in a few days, more than 8 lakh people of the Tutsi community were killed and many people fled the country.
  • This massacre lasted for about 100 days and killed about one million people. The largest number of people killed in this was the people of the Tutsi community.
  • In the past also there were violent clashes between these two communities for supremacy, which turned out to be this horrific massacre.

Source – The Hindu

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