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There is a huge syllabus of the UPSC examination. A question always puts up in the mind of civil service students where to read and how to cover the syllabus. They are in a regular search for genuine sources. For the preparation of civil service , a monthly magazine is a must. The question is that which should be opt. kurukshetra magazine PDF is a monthly magazine. It is published by the ministry of information and broadcasting under the Government of india. This magazine analyzes each topic with multiple perspectives. There are a wide range of topics related to UPSC syllabus, which are published in this magazine. These are very helpful to the candidates of UPSC.

Main Features OF Kurukshetra Magazine

Kurukshetra magazine focuses on social issues related to rural governance which are not only relevant to UPSC but also authentic. Because the source of gathering information for this magazine is from the government itself.it represents the government’s point of view on recent issues and also provides the detailed analysis. Here you get an idea how to write answers for the mains exam. In this magazine the same topic is discussed by the people of different backgrounds and with multiple perspectives. So this is highly beneficial for essay writing in UPSC exam.

It covers Mains’ syllabus also!!

If you read a monthly magazine regularly, You go through almost twenty magazines in a year. Your thirty percent mains general studies topic can be covered by reading this magazine regularly. The quality of data is also excellent. Note down some important topics. For instance- you are reading the topic of ‘Rural development’. Make notes on a paper or online, see all the perspectives. How the technology can be used in rural areas. Also read about the government scheme. Think about it deeply and also search on the internet then create your own point of view. Include your own thoughts. In mains exam, every year a topic relates to the issues covered by kurukshetra magazine.

Format used in this magazine

Basically it will represent an idea or issue and provide some data. Then it will tell about government schemes. You can find reasons also why the target can not be achieved. Magazine also represents statewise money allotment in the form of data and charts. Read magazine from cover to cover and make notes of significant topics.

Why kurukshetra magazine is an ideal for IAS

UPSC mains exam comprises essay writing and general studies paper. Many questions are directly asked from this magazine. Since it is published by the government itself, you can also give the reference of your answer from this magazine.

How to study?

Every student can have their own way to read it. Some aspirants read it word by word. Some read important points and articles. A fresher student can read four to five magazines regularly. He will find out the important topics for the UPSC exam. Later he can stick with a genuine magazine like kurukshetra. If you can not spend a lot of time reading it then just read the summary and some main articles. Finally make your own notes. Revise them again and again till your exam.

Kurukshetra or Yojana ?

No doubt both the magazines are good for UPSC candidates. We can see the difference between them. Yojana focuses on important current issues while kurukshetra represents rural development mainly. UPSC has focused on rural and environment development in recent years. Kurukshetra magazine PDF can provide you all this in a much better way.  You can easily get one essay directly from yojana magazine every year and also give you a deep analysis and essence of topic. So both the magazines are beneficial for you.

Why to study this Magazines ?

No doubt Kurukshetra is an important reading material for UPSC aspirants. You will get benefit by reading this if you aspire to perform well in answer writing practice. If you read this magazine one year you will get an idea which topics are important for exams. Kurukshetra tells us about rural development and upliftment. These are the areas from which mains questions are framed. The articles of this magazine are written by people belonging to different backgrounds. So you get so many ideas by reading this. It helps you to make your opinion about social issues.

Reading this magazine is not a must. But if you want to study in a comprehensive manner and write much better on social issues in mains exam then reading this magazine is helpful for you. 

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