Flower Scorpion fish

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Flower Scorpion fish

Recently a unique fish species “Flower Scorpion Fish” has been found in Digha Coast of West Bengal and Paradip of Odisha, India. It is to be known that, till now the Flower Scorpion fish was found only in the Pacific Ocean region.

Now this has increased the possibility that this fish is also in the Indian Ocean region. It also reveals the rich biodiversity of the Bay of Bengal.

Flower Scorpionfish

  • Its scientific name is Hoplosebastes armatus and it belongs to the order of ray finned fish which is also known as Scorpaeniformes.
  • Hoplocebests armatus was first discovered in the Pacific Ocean region of Japan in the year
  • So far it has not been found in the Indian Ocean. Now Indian scientists have collected 22 species of flower scorpion fish in the waters of Paradip area in Jagatsinghpur, Odisha on 13
  • Scientists of the Zoological Survey of India have carried out this discovery. Scientists have now concluded that the geographic range of this fish is from the Pacific Northwest to the Indian Ocean.
  • The length of the flower scorpion is between 75 and 127 mm while the width of its body is 14 to 22 Its head is bigger than its body. It has been found in large numbers in the waters associated with the East China Sea of ​​Japan.
  • All scorpions are carnivores, and feed on small fish and prawns. Examples of scorpion fish are rockfish, stonefish, lion fish, turkey fish, fire fish etc.

Source – The Hindu

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