First Mile Connectivity (FMC) project

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First Mile Connectivity (FMC) project

Recently, the Ministry of Coal has been continuously working on the development of National Coal Logistics Plan to realize India’s vision.

This includes First Mile Connectivity project (FMC) through railway sidings near coal mines.

The Ministry of Coal has prepared a plan for improving the coal transportation and loading system by machines under the First Mile Connectivity projects.

First-mile connectivity refers to the transportation of coal from pithead to dispatch points. The concept of first mile connectivity is a unique step towards bringing about a complete change in the direction of sustainable development and environmental protection.

Benefits of First Mile Connectivity (FMC) Project:

  • First Mile Connectivity eliminates the process of transporting coal by road to mining areas using conveyors or roads to the nearest railway siding.
  • Transport of coal through road to the nearest railway siding increases the number of trucks on the road.
  • It reduces the effects like air pollution, truck congestion on the road and road damage, thereby helping in creating a cleaner and healthier environment.
  • First Mile Connectivity (FMC) contributes to the conservation of natural resources and green cover. Its adoption makes coal mining more economically viable in the long run.
  • Implementing technology-driven processes not only increases productivity, but also lowers operating costs. This benefits the coal sector. This reduces the side effects of climate change, and improves air quality.

Source – Finance Express

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