EU proposes digital rights, principles

EU proposes digital rights, principles

The Declaration of Digital Rights and Principles establishes that what is illegal offline must also be illegal online.

It is an extension of the European Union Council’s Berlin Declaration on Digital Society and Value Based Digital Government.


  • These rights and principles will protect the rights of the people, support democracy and ensure a fair and secure online system.
  • These will act as a guide for policy makers and companies while dealing with new technologies.
  • Will act as a standard for the countries of the world.

The major principle:

  • Putting people at the center of digital transformation i.e. technologies must respect democratic values. Solidarity and inclusion i.e. digitization should benefit all.
  • Freedom to choose to help people make their own informed choices online.
  • Enable participation in the digital public space by promoting an open online environment for a healthy and vibrant democratic debate.
  • Security, protection and empowerment, including the right to use secure digital technologies and to protect privacy.
  • Green digital technologies to achieve green transition goals.

Steps taken by India to protect digital rights

  • Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019.
  • Information Technology (Intermediate Guidelines and Digital Media Code of Conduct) Rules, 2021.
  • Information Technology Act, 2000.

Source – The Hindu

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