Eruptions in the La Soufrière Volcano, located on the eastern Caribbean island

Eruptions in the La Soufrière Volcano, located on the eastern Caribbean island

Recently, on the eastern Caribbean island, La Soufrière Volcano has erupted. It may be noted that La Soufrière volcano was a dormant volcano since This volcano has erupted five times since the year 1718 until April 2021.

La Soufrière Volcano:

  • It is an active Stratovolcano located on St. Vincent, a Caribbean island, which also forms the highest peak of St. Vincent.
  • In French, La Soufrière means – “Sulfur Outlet”
  • The eruption activity of this volcano started from the year 2020, although the volcano erupted earlier in
  • Due to this explosion of 1979, there was a huge devastation, and there was a loss of about US $ 100 million.
  • In 1902, there was an eruption in this volcano, in which more than one thousand people died.
  • La Soufrière volcano is located on the Caribbean tectonic plate, and is the island’s smallest and most northern volcano.

Caribbean Region and Caribbean Sea

  • The Caribbean region is located on the American continent, with more than 700 This region also includes the Caribbean Sea.
  • Caribbean word is taken from “Caribs”. Caribs are an indigenous people of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean.
  • The Greater Antilles is situated to the north of the Caribbean Sea, and Lesser Antilles series lies to the east.
  • It is bounded by Mexico in the west and Central America in the southwest.
  • The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef is the world’s second largest barrier reef, located in the Caribbean Sea.
  • The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef is bordered by the countries of Honduras, Guatemala, Belize and Mexico.


  • A stratovolcano, also known as a composite volcano, is a conical volcano.
  • The stratovolcano lava is highly viscous. It cools and hardens before spreading far. In addition, eruptions in Stratovolcano are more frequent and weathering in nature.
  • Its lava is highly viscous and thick due to which it is not more harmful in nature.
  • Mount Nyiragongo is the world’s only dangerous stratovolcano, as its magma has high silica content, which makes the lava more liquid, and the lava flow rate increases.

Source – The Hindu

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