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Eruption in Mount Sinabung Volcano

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Eruption in Mount Sinabung Volcano

Eruption in Mount Sinabung volcano

  • Recently an active volcano ‘Mount Sinabung’ in the Indonesia region has erupted. Before this ‘Mount Sinabung’ erupted in the year The 2010 eruption at Mount Sinabung occurred after nearly 400 years of inactivity.
  • This volcano is located in the Karo district of North Sumatra state. Its height is 2,475 It is one of the major active volcanoes of South-East Asian countries.

Key points

  • The active volcano is long and conical in shape, consisting of hard lava and tephra roofs.
  • Such volcanic phenomena continue to occur in Indonesia, mainly because these countries are located on the volcanic strip of the ring of fire in the Pacific Ocean. Here seismic and volcanic events occur as a result of tectonic plates colliding with each other.
  • You should be aware that about 75 percent of the world’s volcanoes are present in the ‘Ring of Fire’ region, and about 90 percent of earthquakes are also recorded in this region.
  • A volcanic eruption is called when the ‘magma’, which forms when the Earth’s mantle melts, hits the Earth’s surface. And after coming to the surface it is called ‘Lava’.

Types of volcanoes (Based on the frequency of Eruption):

  1. Active volcanoes
  2. Dormant volcano
  3. Extinct or inactive volcanoes

Active volcanoes

  • Active volcanoes always erupt after some time, due to which smoke is always released from them. At present, the number of active volcanoes in the world is Prominent among these are Etna in Italy and Stramboli on Lipari Island north of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • In Stramboli there is always an ignited gas, which keeps the light in the surrounding area. This is why this volcano is called the ‘Lighthouse of the Mediterranean Sea’.

Dormant volcano

  • In which there has not been an eruption in the near past, but it may have an eruption at any time. Such volcanoes are called dormant volcanoes.
  • Examples are – Mount Vesuvius of the Mediterranean Sea, Krakatoa of the Sunda Strait, Fujiyama of Japan and Mayon of the Philippines, etc.

Extinct or inactive volcanoes

  • A volcano in which there has been no eruption for many centuries and in which there is no possibility of an eruption again.
  • For example, Koh-i-Sultan and Mount Damavand of Iran, Mount Popa of Myanmar, Kilimanjaro of Africa and Chimborazo of South Africa are the main ones.

Source: The Hindu

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