Eruption at Mount Merapi Volcano in Indonesia

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Eruption at Mount Merapi Volcano in Indonesia

Eruption at Mount Merapi Volcano in Indonesia

According to the ‘Geological Disaster Technology Research and Development Center’, recently, ‘Merapi Volcano’ of Indonesia erupted 4 times. In this eruption, lava has spread up to 1,500 meters from the crater.


  • Merapi is the most active volcano in Indonesia. It erupted 4 times, causing 43 avalanche earthquakes. Due to this explosion, a cloud of thick white smoke is covered up to a height of 50 meters from the top of Mount Merapi.
  • This volcano is located on the densely populated Java Island near the ancient city of Yogyakarta in Indonesia. Its height is 2,968

Mount Merapi

  • Mount Merapi is located in Indonesia. It is considered the most active volcano in Indonesia and has been erupting continuously since
  • It is the smallest group of volcanoes in southern Java located in a subduction zone of the Indo-Australian Plate and the Sunda Plate.

Central Java

  • This province of Indonesia is located in the middle of the island of Java. Its administrative capital is Semarang. It is surrounded by West Java, Indian Ocean, Yogyakarta Special Area, East Java and Java Sea. It is the third most populous province in Indonesia, along with Java.

Special Region of Yogyakarta

  • It is a provincial-level autonomous region of Indonesia in South Java. It is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and shares its border with Central Java. The province is an officially recognized monarchy from the government of Indonesia and is governed by the Yogyakarta Sultanate. It is a popular tourist destination and cultural center.


  • Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia and Oceania between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The island consists of more than seventeen thousand islands including Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Borneo (Kalimantan) and New Guinea (Papua). Indonesia is also the fourth most populous country in the world. The population here is about 270 Muslims are the majority in the population here. Java is the most populous island of the island of Indonesia. Being located in the “Pacific Ring of Fire”, this country is prone to earthquakes and volcanic activities.

Pacific Ring of Fire

  • The Pacific Ring of Fire is a series of extensive volcanic and earthquake rings around the Pacific Ocean, hence the name Ring of Fire. It is a series extending along various tectonic plate edges. It is a horseshoe-shaped strip with a total length of about 40,000 This includes South America, North America, and Kamchatka, in addition to the western Pacific Ocean regions.

Typesof volcanos

On the basis of eruption it is of three types.

  • Active
  • Dead (Extinct)
  • Dormant

Active volcano: If a volcano is currently erupting, or is expected to erupt soon, or if it has signs of activity such as gas leaks, smoke or lava, or earthquakes, then it is considered an active volcano.

Dead Volcanoes: These are those volcanoes that scientists expect will not erupt. If no event of explosive activity has ever been observed for a volcano, it is often considered dead.

Dormant Volcano: If a volcano in human memory has erupted at any time in history, it is considered dormant but not dead. There are many volcanoes that take millions of years after erupting to build up pressure for another eruption – they are said to be dormant during that time.

Source: The Hindu

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