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Eni International Award 2020

Eni International Award 2020

Recently Professor C.N.R.Rao of India has been awarded the ‘Eni International Award-2020’ for research in Energy Frontiers.

Bharat Ratna Professor Rao has been awarded this award for research in renewable energy sources and energy storage.

Key Points

  • Professor Rao is working on hydrogen energy. Professor Rao has worked in the fields of hydrogen storage, photochemical and electrochemical production of hydrogen, solar production of hydrogen and non-metallic catalysis.
  • In addition, Professor Rao has also done commendable work on metal oxides, carbon nanotubes, two-dimensional systems and other materials.
  • It is to be noted that the Annie Awards-2020 will be conferred during an official ceremony held on 14 October 2021 at the Quirinal Palace in Rome. The ceremony will also be attended by the President of Italy.

Eni International Award

  • It is also called the Energy Frontier Award. It is known as the Nobel Prize in the field of energy research.
  • Internationally recognized for years in the field of energy and environmental research, the award aims to promote better use of energy sources and encourage new generations of researchers for their work.
  • A gold medal and cash is given as a prize. It is provided by Italy’s oil and gas company Eni with the aim of encouraging better use of energy sources and increased environmental research. The Eni Award was first introduced in July

Source: Indian Express

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