UPSC Civil Services

Prelims Test Series 2020

Youthdestination is happy to announce the launch of its UPSC CSE Prelims (2020) Test series

Due to the dynamic pattern of UPSC CS prelims in the recent years, it is necessary to reorient your strategy to changing needs of the exam. We, at youthdestination-IAS, with our vast experience of successfully guiding and mentoring students have designed a pedagogical structure to provide a suitable strategy to our students to handle the different facets of prelims paper.

youthdestination - UPSC CSP (2020) Test series will strategically provide its students with an in-depth coverage of the syllabus and scientifically designed revision plans covering the entire static and current portions (multiple times). With the help of guidance, we aim to make sure that our students are exam ready, with all the skills and tools needed to handle any surprise UPSC throws at them

Duration & Structure

youthdestination - CSP 2020 Prelim Test Series, will be conducted over a span of 37 weeks from 1st September 2019. It includes 30 Tests - 25 General Studies Tests and 5 CSAT tests.

Unique Features of youthdestination CS Prelims Test Series

Comprehensive coverage of entire syllabus of UPSC CSP exam through UPSC standard MCQs. Sectional Tests have been designed in a manner that students can cover each subject comprehensively in sufficient time and can evaluate his/her performance through our tests. Strictly adhering to UPSC pattern, the nature of questions ranges from factual to conceptual, proportionally dividing in each of the Test Papers. Options of MCQs have also been arranged in such a manner that elimination tactics can be applied by students while solving questions. All tests will be conducted in same manner as in real examination hall which helps in better time management and prepare students to solve MCQs correctly under exam pressure. Performance Analysis of aspirants, Section wise analysis, Difficulty Analysis, All India Rank, comparison with toppers, Integrated Score Card, Analysis of Mock Test papers based on difficulty level & nature of questions etc. will be provided to students. It will help in evaluating their performance and course correction.