Prelims Test Series 2019

Youthdestination is happy to announce the launch of its UPSC CSE Prelims (2020) Test series

In the Civil Services Mains Examination, answer writing plays a crucial part and remains the most important component of this three stage exam. A high score in Mains, more often than not, guarantees a better final rank.
We at Drishti IAS, have been observing trends of the Mains exam for more than a decade now. First, our expertise lies in framing Mains questions that not only adhere to the UPSC standard but also help aspirants cover the better part of the syllabus in a holistic manner. Second, we have developed considerable expertise in evaluating the answers that you write and in providing valuable feedback. You can use this feedback to improve your answer writing within a short period of time.
This year, we have also devised a Mentorship program for students as a component of our Mains Test Series. Through this program we hope to address any concerns left behind by the Test Discussion videos (see below for more information). This can help you in developing in-depth understanding of topics, building your answer writing skills and helping you with general areas of concern regarding the Mains Examination.