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CSAT Prelims Strategy

CSAT Prelims Strategy

2020-02-11 23:01:26

Since CSAT is of qualifying nature we are going to set its strategy separate from Paper I GS. This will benefit greatly in time-management and also in developing focus for the GS paper. This strategy will benefit those who are struggling with the CSAT paper as well as those who have very few doubts on the CSAT.
First, it must be noted that CSAT will consume considerably lesser amount of time as compared to the GS paper. Since you have to score only 33% to pass the paper there is absolutely no need for you to sacrifice much of your valuable time preparing for it. Keeping these aspects in mind we have devised the following strategy to help you clear the CSAT paper with relative ease. This strategy is very practical and as such it is important that you follow it diligently.



2020-02-11 00:40:49