Scientists study EMIC plasma wave identified in Indian Antarctic station

Scientists study EMIC plasma wave identified in Indian Antarctic station

Recently, Indian scientists had detected “Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron (EMIC)” waves at the Indian Antarctic station ‘Maitri’.

The characteristics of these detected waves are now being studied. This study can help in understanding the effect of energetic particles present in the radiation belt on satellites placed in low orbits.

EMIC waves

  • These waves are discrete electromagnetic emissions (transverse plasma waves) recorded in Earth’s inner magnetosphere.
  • Plasma is a superheated substance. It is a gas with sufficient energy to strip electrons from atoms to form an ionized gas.
  • These waves originate in equatorial latitudes and propagate along magnetic field lines. Their footprints are found in the high latitude ionosphere (a layer of the atmosphere).
  • These waves can be recorded by magnetometers located in space as well as on the ground.
  • These waves play an important role in killer electron showers. These showers are dangerous for space-borne technology/instruments.
  • Killer electrons are such electrons, whose speed is close to the speed of light. They form the radiation belt of the earth.
  • The magnetosphere is the region around a planet that is influenced by the magnetic field of the planet itself, rather than the magnetic field of interplanetary space.
  • Earth’s magnetosphere is affected by the Earth’s magnetic field. It protects the Earth’s atmosphere from many types of radiation coming from the Sun.

Source – Indian Express

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