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Former Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh ‘Anup Chandra Pandey’ has recently been appointed as the new ‘Election Commissioner’ of the Election Commission. This appointment will restore the full power of the ‘Election Commission’ in the form of a three-member commission.

About Election Commission:

  • The Election Commission of India (ECI) is an autonomous constitutional authority. Its function is to conduct the central and state election processes in India.
  • Under Article 324 of the Constitution, provision has been made for the Election Commission to conduct, direct and control the elections to the offices of Parliament, State Legislature, President and Vice President and to prepare the electoral rolls.
  • The Election Commission was established on 25 January 1950. That is why, ‘National Voters’ Day’ is celebrated every year on 25 January.

The following provisions have been made in the Constitution of India regarding the composition of the Election Commission:

  • The Election Commission is made up of the Chief Election Commissioner and other Commissioners.
  • The President will appoint the Chief Election Commissioner and other Election Commissioners.
  • When any other Election Commissioner is so appointed, the Chief Election Commissioner shall act as the Chairman of the Election Commission.
  • The President may, in consultation with the Election Commission, appoint Regional Commissioners to assist the Election Commission.
  • The conditions of service and term of office of the Election Commissioners and Regional Commissioners shall be determined by the President.

Regarding the term of office / discharge of the Election Commissioner

It is to be known that the Chief Election Commissioner is the Chairman of the Election Commission, but his powers are similar to those of other Election Commissioners. All matters of the Election Commission are decided by a majority vote among the members. The Chief Election Commissioner and both the Election Commissioners are given equal pay and allowances.

Term of office:

The term of the Chief Election Commissioner and other Election Commissioners is 6 years or till the age of 65 years, whichever is earlier. However, he can resign at any time before addressing the President.


The Election Commissioner can be removed even before the expiry of the term. In such a situation, the Chief Election Commissioner can be removed from his office in the same manner and on the same grounds on which the judges of the Supreme Court are removed.


  • No qualification has been prescribed for the members of the Election Commission in the Constitution.
  • Along with this, the retiring Election Commissioners have not been barred from being re-appointed to any post by the government.

Source – Indian Express

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