E-Visa Services restored for 156 countries

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E-Visa Services restored for 156 countries

Recently, the Union Home Ministry has restored the facility of electronic visa (e-visa) for 156 countries.

The electronic visa is for individuals who wish to come to India for business, conferences and medical reasons, including medical assistants. It should be known that the e-visa service for tourists has not been restored yet.

Key Points: 

  • The e-visa system was introduced by the government in the year 201 The Ministry of Home Affairs is its nodal ministry, which grants visas to foreigners.
  • It is to be noted that e-Visa is offered in five categories – Tourist, Business, Conference, Medical and Medical
  • One can apply for e-Visa online for four days before traveling
  • After verification of the details of the applicant, an ‘Electronic Travel Authorization’ is issued, which is to be shown at the check post after arrival in the
  • Entry through e-visa is allowed only at 28 designated international airports and five major ports in
  • However, before the sanctions were announced in 2020, the service was available to people in 171 Now this facility has been restored for 156 countries only.
  • Countries like China, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia are not included in

Source – The Hindu

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