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World History Book For UPSC

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World History Book For UPSC

World history syllabus for UPSC is very brief, so don’t go in detail with this topic but proper understanding of this topic is necessary. This section is newly added to the syllabus of UPSC Mains. Generally 1 question is asked from the World history Book of UPSC. so there is no need to go in detail for this topic. The events of the 18th century are only added in the syllabus of world history.

Select the best book for World History for UPSC and read this book multiple times to cover this topic. Utilize your time in other topics of History.

To cover the world History syllabus, prepare notes from NCERTs books. There are some genuine reasons for this. NCERT and UPSC both are the government bodies. These books are the basic guideline while preparing questions for the Civil Services exam. The prices of NCERTs books are very low and also can be downloaded free of cost.

World History Notes- History of the World: Youth destination Notes, New NCERT (9th, 10th, 11th grade)

Download the the best world History books for the UPSC preparation from the given link below:

World history syllabus includes Fascism, socialism, capitalism , colonization, decolonization, industrialization ,unipolar ,world bipolar, world war, drawing of National boundaries and philosophical ideas.

For World history syllabus, Make notes from NCERTs books. NCERTs books analyze  topics in a deep way but without making it difficult.

Download the World History book for UPSC from the given link below.

By making notes you can revise them at last time very easily for the UPSC exam.

Some Best World History books are:

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