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Modern Indian History Book For UPSC (English)

Modern Indian History For UPSC is an important section And Subject for the UPSC exam. Approximately 45 percent of questions are asked from Modern Indian History.  Smart work and the right strategy is the key to success.

Choose Some Modern Indian History books for UPSC. This section covers these topics:

  • Peasants and Tribal Revolts
  • Governors-General and their reign
  • The British administration and Economic policies
  • Role of Congress and Freedom struggle
  • Regional Kingdoms.
  • Social-Religious movements.
  • The emergence of Europeans.

To understand the modern History subject reading NCERTs books( from class VI to XII) is the best. Make your own notes from Modern Indian history

Have you any problem in remembering revolt and movements? Include some facts like why this movement started and the reason behind this? A consequence of the movement and protagonist of the movement. These facts will help you in memorizing the revolts.

You can download the History of India and Indian national movement UPSC pdf from the given link below.

UPSC exam pattern is very dynamic. A particular book is not enough. Some best books will be Needed. Relate current issues to the Modern Indian history Syllabus. Solve previous year’s question papers regularly and revise them again and again. Modern Indian History is a high-scoring subject. Five to seven questions are asked generally in the prelims exam. Three to four questions are also asked in the mains exam also.

Some useful books are for the preparation of Modern Indian history For UPSC:

Youth Destinations Notes, New NCERT( part-III of 6th grade and 12th)

History if India and Indian national movement books for UPSC PDF are available here – 


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