Medieval Indian History Book For UPSC


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Medieval Indian History Book For UPSC (English) 

There are a lot of resources available to study Medieval History of India Book for UPSC. Some historians have written about the contemporary rulers and their victory. We get the study material of Medieval History of India generally in Persian Arabic language. There is at least information available about the political social and economical condition of that time provided by Historians. You will need to look at contemporary literature and diary/ notes of the person who travelled India at that time. Medieval Indian History is the time period between the ancient and the modern. History has been covered up in both the papers of UPSC- prelims and mains.

NCERT’s books are the most important and reliable study material for Medieval Indian History. Prepare notes to organize the syllabus and for revision at last time. You will need to get the right topics from NCERTs so that you can prepare notes in at least time.

To study Medieval Indian History in a more comprehensive way, first of all, understand the chronology of events and happenings. Make sure you study all aspects of History eg. political History, Economic History, and administrative History.

Fifteen to twenty percent weightage has been given to History.

Some useful Medieval History of India books for UPSC are:

Youth Destination Notes,

NCERT 11th- Medieval India

Youth Destinations notes, Rajya Sabha TV, Planning, Kurukshetra. Make notes from these sources. So we have Different Sources So that we can Gather All Knowledge on One Platform So that students Can Learn All About that particular topic without going on any other sources (Best Medieval History of India Book For UPSC/IAS/PCS in English)

 Medieval history of India Book in English | Medieval history of India Books by Youth Destination

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