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Youth Destination‘s International relation is a dynamic topic and it is included in the second paper of the General Studies for UPSC. International relation Book is an imminent part of the UPSC syllabus. Some International Relations books for UPSC will help you. & Keep an eye on the recent development in India as well as the world. To prepare for this topic understand your syllabus deeply and gain fundamental knowledge of the subject. Similarly, The foreign policies column is Also very important while reading newspapers for preparation. Don’t give lesser importance to this topic. You can score approx a hundred marks from this section. Always keep the syllabus in your mind. By solving previous year papers, you can know the nature of the question and quality as well. Read a National newspaper daily. If you go for ‘The Hindu’ it is the best. prepare notes from the best book for International relations for UPSC and revise them at exam time.

What do you have to study in an international relations book for UPSC in English ?

Carefully analyze India’s relation with its neighbors. It is necessary for the exam’s point of view on how India’s relations are with some prosperous countries like China, Russia, USA, France, UK, etc. India’s foreign policy consists of The cold war and non-alignment time, Fall of the USSR, after the Independence Era. Choose the best book for International Relations UPSC.

Similarly, The Ministry of External Affairs will also help with Some useful study material for preparing International relations Subject

Youth Destinations notes is From Rajya sabha TV, Planing, Kurukshetra, & we make notes from these sources. So we have Different Sources So that we can Gather All Knowledge on One Platform So that students Can Learn All About that particular topic without going on any other sources

International Relations books for UPSC in Hindi & English is also available here.

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