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Internal Security For UPSC

Are you in search of an Internal security book for UPSC? There are four General study papers in the UPSC/IAS mains examination. Paper three of the general study includes subjects like technology, agriculture, disaster management, and Internal security. Internal security is an important topic for prelims exams and mains as well. This topic is related to current affairs. So you will need to depend on some other resources ie. Newspapers, magazines also apart from the books of internal security for UPSC exam. Read The Hindu or The Indian express and make notes. Revise them regularly.

The number of questions on this topic varies every year in the IAS Exam. You can secure 30 to 50 marks in internal security by smart studies. Internal security includes topics terrorism, Extremism, Border Management, Cyber Security, Extremism, Insurgency in the North East, and Left Wing Extremism. You will have to plan the right strategy for the Internal security section for the IAS exam.

No single book is sufficient to cover this topic. Choose different books and study material. Solve previous year’s question papers so that you can identify the questions.

The best book of internal security for UPSC exams is ……

Some YouTube lectures will also help you to cover this topic. Since it is a Current affair based topic, Read Newspaper regularly. You can also read Youth destination notes to cover the topics of History of bilateral relations of India, International organizations, and so on.

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