Indian Society & Social Issue Book For UPSC


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Indian Society & Social Issue Book For UPSC

Indian society Book For UPSC topic is covered  under the General studies paper first of Civil Service Mains Examination. Are you looking for an Indian society UPSC in English? This is a significant topic. If you have chosen Sociology as an optional subject, it can be quite easy for you to prepare for Indian society books in English.

Since this is a very easy section of GS paper. You have not to apply extra effort to prepare for this. But proper understating of the topic is needed. Your answer should be the reflection of Indian society that it is in actuality. See the features of Indian society from outside just as a foreigner. If you will go inside, you can fail to understand the intricacies. This section will help you in essay writing in the Mains exam.

Never think to skip this section as you know everything about it. On the behalf of General awareness, you will not be able to write a proper answer in the exam to fulfill the demand of the question. Select an Indian society for UPSC. Don’t depend only on a newspaper to prepare this section. Make your base solid by reading NCERTs books( class XI to XII). Indian society syllabus include these topics :

  • Diversity of India
  • Role of women and women’s organization, population and associated issues, poverty and developmental issues,
  • Salient features of & Indian Society
  • Social empowerment
  • Communalism, regionalism & secularism

Some useful Best books for Indian society UPSC/IAS exam are:

Youth Destination Notes, Yojana Kurukshetra.

Youth Destinations notes, Rajya Sabha TV, Planning, Kurukshetra. Make notes from these sources. So we have Different Sources So that we can Gather the All Knowledge on One Platform So that students Can Learn All About that particular topic without going on any other sources

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