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Indian Geography Book For UPSC

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Indian Geography Book For UPSC

Indian Geography Book For UPSC is an important part of the General Studies paper first in the civil service Prelims exam. Questions of Geography include Indian and World Geography, social physical and economic Geography of India.

‘Indian Geography book for UPSC in English’ is very popular among the candidates preparing for the civil service exam. This is a comprehensive book that covers all the topics of Indian geography.

Indian Geography book in English contains detailed physical and political maps related to India with good coverage of core thematic issues for example Climate, Wildlife, Natural Vegetation, Agriculture, Demography, Environment concerns, Natural Hazards, Human Development, Agriculture etc. Approx 200 maps are included in this book supported by charts and diagrams. Many photographs, maps, illustrations, detailed explanations and easy to understand language make this book worth reading. If you are going to appear in the prestigious Civil Service exam then ‘Indian Geography for UPSC in English’ is really helpful for you.

To score good marks in the General Studies paper first, good knowledge of Indian and World Geography is essential. Candidates should start their preparation with the NCERT textbook from 6th class 12th because in NCERT books topics are explained in a very simple language and they are helpful to make your basics clear. Apart from NCERT books, Indian Geography book  by RBD Publication is also a must-read book.

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