Ethics & Integrity Book For UPSC


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Ethics & Integrity Book For UPSC in English 

Ethics Book For UPSC is Important For Ethics paper and it has been designed to check the ethical competency of the civil service candidates. The pattern of General studies IV is different from all other papers. You need a practical mind set to perform well in this paper. The questions of this paper are subjective in their nature.

Read the syllabus carefully and then the ethics book for UPSC. Use keywords in your answer while answering in the exam. Your problem solving approach is important for this paper. How you deal with the issues of integrity and probity. Conflicts faced by you when you deal with society.

Just think like an examiner and apply his point of view in your answer.

General studies paper IV is a writing based paper. You will need to write more rather than reading .Apart from your academic knowledge, your formation of answers and point of view matter in this section. Read some limited but the best book for Ethics UPSC.

Read more current affairs and develop your own point of view on the current issues. Involving in a group discussion with your peers will enable you to take a stand.

Case studies are also important, here comes out your ethical dilemma. As a Civil servant you will have to face many conflict situations. The purpose of this exam is to prepare you for the field experience.

Also practice Diagrams and Flowchart.

The report of ARC ( Administrative Reforms Commission) is highly beneficial for the Ethics paper.

The best ethics book for UPSC in English  is:

  • Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude by G Subba Rao and PN Roy.
  • Class notes and Printed notes of Youth Destination.
  • Manual on Ethics for Civil Servants published by DOPT.

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