Disaster Management Book For UPSC


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Disaster Management Book For UPSC 

A civil service aspirant has to deal with difficult situations like disaster management. So this topic is highly important. This section has been created to check the knowledge of aspirants in handling critical situations. This topic is included in General studies paper III. A good quality disaster management book for UPSC is a must for this section.

How to prepare for Disaster management

Some natural disasters are Earthquakes Tsunamis, Landslides, Flood, Epidemics, and Drought etcetera. Man-made disasters are also very harmful to human beings Eg: Terrorism, Extremism, Oil Spill, Communal Carnage, Nuclear reactor Explosion, Cyber Breakdown, Gas leakage, etc.

NCERT is a good choice for the preparation for the UPSC exam. It provides you accurate information. For disaster management topics NCERT is the best option. These books include Government reports on disasters. You have to stick to Government sources when you are preparing for Disaster management. Questions also can be framed on current disasters so update your current affairs regularly.

Some of free E-book are also available to prepare the Disaster Management Subject.

To cover this topic you will need the best book for disaster management UPSC. A lot of struggle is required to collect the study materials and disaster management UPSC books.  You can download pdf from the given link below for the study material of disaster management.

Eg- Disaster Management In India by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Generally, one question is asked from this section. You can depend on online class notes of Youth Destination to cover this topic.

Youth Destinations notes is From Rajya Sabha TV, Planning, Kurukshetra, & we make notes from these sources. So we have Different Sources So that we can Gather All Knowledge on One Platform So that students Can Learn All About that particular topic without going on any other sources

Best Disaster Management Book For UPSC – Disaster Management Books For UPSC

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