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Ancient Indian History Book For UPSC in English

Ancient Indian History is the most important section of the UPSC syllabus. To cover this subject a good quality Ancient Indian History book for UPSC is necessary. Generally, 5 to 6 questions are asked in the prelims exam every year. Some aspirants avoid reading this topic but it can prove a big mistake. One number also has his own value in the civil service exam. Also, read Art and culture along with the Ancient  History book for UPSC because this section is getting prominence in past few years.

These topics should be included in the best book for Ancient History UPSC:

  1. Empires and kingdoms of Ancient India
  2. Prehistoric period
  3. Vedic period
  4. Religion and philosophy of Ancient India
  5. Art forms like Music, Dance, Literature, Architecture

Read this subject in a comprehensive but simple way. Follow these basic guidelines to cover the ancient History syllabus:

Read some basic books like NCERT. Stress on understanding the chronology of events.

NCERTs books provide you with a deep analysis of the subject. So this is a must-read book for the civil service Exam.

NCERT notes on Ancient History are also available.

Read the book of ancient Indian History for UPSC to achieve good marks in this section.

Some best Ancient Indian history books for UPSC are available on this site – 

Youth Destinations notes, Rajya Sabha TV, Planning, Kurukshetra. Make notes from these sources. So we have Different Sources So that we can Gather All Knowledge on One Platform So that students Can Learn All About that particular topic without going on any other sources (Best Ancient Indian history book for UPSC in English)

Youth Destination Notes

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