• Recently the Ministry of Civil Aviation has launched DigiYatra for three airports in the country.
  • DigiYatra has been envisioned to ensure contactless and seamless movement of passengers at airports. It is based on Facial Recognition Technology (FRT).
  • It provides the facility of paperless travel. Its use can avoid repeated identity checks at multiple checkpoints at the airport.
  • A one-time registration is required on the Digi Yatra app by Aadhaar based verification and uploading a self-taken photograph.
  • Under this, each passenger will be given a unique Digi Yatra I.D. Is given.
  • Digi Yatra Foundation (DYF) has been set up as a joint venture company. It aims to build a DigiYatra Central ecosystem.


  • Facial recognition technology is beneficial because it makes air travel more convenient and reduces congestion at airports.
  • Facial recognition systems have helped bring efficiency at various airports around the world, including Dubai, Singapore, Atlanta and Narita (Japan). As a result, they operate at low cost.
  • Present manual processes are digitized and efforts are made to bring in better efficiencies
  • Security standards will be enhanced and current system performance will be improved
  • With DigiYatra, India is setting a new global benchmark for a seamless, hassle free and health risk free process at airports

Source – The Hindu

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