Detection of Light From Behind a Black Hole

Detection of Light From Behind a Black Hole

Recently, astronomers have detected the light from behind a black hole for the first time.

  • For the first time, astronomers have directly observed the brightness of X-ray radiation emanating from behind black holes in deep space.
  • This observation is made possible due to the distorted space-time around the black hole, the phenomenon of twisting of light and the curved magnetic field.
  • These X-ray echoes not only verify Einstein’s prediction (how the gravity of a black hole bends the light around it), but also provide information about the events around the black hole. .
  • Astronomers are keen to use it to produce a 3D map of the black hole’s surroundings.
  • Earlier, a study by astronomers of a super massive black hole had discovered an unexpected luminous echoes with small, and varying colors to bright flashes, which were twisted around due to the gravitational pull of the black hole.

About Black Hole:

  • A black hole is a celestial body in which the gravitational force is so great that even light cannot pass through it.
  • The mass of a black hole can range from the equivalent of an atom to the mass of more than a million suns.
  • There are four main types of black holes – Miniature, Intermediate mass, Stellar, and Super-Massive.

Source – The Hindu

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