India announces definition of Green Hydrogen

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India announces definition of Green Hydrogen

Recently the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has introduced the Green Hydrogen Standard for the country as part of the National Green Hydrogen Mission.

The standard issued by the Government of India describes the emission limits that must be met for hydrogen produced from renewable sources to be classified as ‘green’.

Key Points:

  • The scope of this definition includes electrolysis-based and biomass-based hydrogen production methods.
  • The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy has decided to define Green Hydrogen as having a well-to-gate emission (i.e., including water treatment, electrolysis, gas purification, drying and compression of hydrogen) of not more than 2 kg CO2 equivalent / kg H2.
  • The well-to-gate concept involves the receipt of raw materials (from the well) and the production of hydrogen.
  • Another process is the cradle-to-grave concept, which includes a life cycle approach to emissions from raw material receipt, hydrogen production, use, and disposal.
  • The notification also stipulates that the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) of the Ministry of Power will be the nodal authority for accreditation of agencies for monitoring, verification and certification of green hydrogen generation projects.

Green Hydrogen:

  • Green hydrogen is a clean energy source that emits only water vapor, and unlike coal and oil, leaves no residue in the air.
  • Green hydrogen technology is based on the production of hydrogen through a chemical process called electrolysis.
  • This method uses an electric current to separate hydrogen from oxygen in water.
  • If electricity is obtained from renewable sources in the process, hydrogen energy is produced without emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This is green hydrogen.

Source – PIB   

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