Draft Policy on developing and promoting “Decentralized Renewable Energy Livelihood Application”

Draft Policy on developing and promoting “Decentralized Renewable Energy Livelihood Application”

Recently the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has released a draft policy framework for livelihood applications of Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE).

The framework released by the Ministry aims to facilitate the development of an enabling mechanism. This mechanism will help in wider adoption of livelihood applications of Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) in India.

DRE is a system that uses renewable energy to generate, store and distribute electricity locally. For example: Rooftop solar panels, micro or mini-grids etc.

DRE accounts for only 5% of the total 90 GW of renewable energy installed capacity in India.

The draft policy framework has the following objectives:

  • Enabling market oriented mechanism.
  • Increase the rate of adoption of decentralized renewable energy by providing easy access to finance.
  • Developing effective applications of DRE based livelihoods through innovation and R&D
  • Encouraging the development and management of high quality products.
  • Using applications powered by the main grid as well as mini/micro-grids operating in hybrid mode.
  • Establishing energy-efficient standards for high-efficiency livelihood products

Why there is a need for DRE based livelihood?

  • It is necessary to reduce the dependence on diesel in rural areas and eventually eliminate this dependence.
  • It is a complementary alternative to grid supply.
  • This increases the economic viability of applications such as solar dryers, solar or biomass powered cold storages, etc.

Key challenges:

  • Lack of proper financial options, lack of awareness among consumers, lack of affordability among consumers, lack of quality products/standards etc.

Major DRE initiatives are as follows:

PM Kusum Yojana, Rooftop Solar Scheme, Solar Charkha Mission etc.

Source – The Hindu

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