Death toll rises in Jharkhand mine accident

Death toll rises in Jharkhand mine accident

Recently, during illegal mining in Dhanbad (Jharkhand), several people were killed, and many got trapped inside when an open coal mine collapsed (Jharkhand mine accident).

Opencast mining is a surface mining technique. In this, minerals are extracted from an open pit in the ground.

This technique is used when the mineral is near the surface of the earth.

It is the most efficient and economical method of mining due to the following reasons:

  • the production and extraction rate is high,
  • the cost of production is low,
  • Production can be started in a short period only,
  • It is a fully mechanized process etc.

Concerns related to mining in opencast mines:

  • Materials above the mine are often left where they are extracted. Over time this causes subsidence and collapse of the land, killing the miners.
  • No re-improvement is carried out in closed and abandoned mine sites.
  • These cause water pollution. The contaminated water from these mines goes into other water bodies or seeps into the ground water.
  • Air pollution is also caused due to methane, dust etc. produced by coal mines.

Measures taken:

  • The Mineral Conservation and Development Rules were amended in the year 2017. Mandatory star rating was introduced by amendment. Its purpose was to ensure scientific and efficient mining.
  • Laws and rules have been made like Mines Act 1952, Mines Rules-1955, Coal Mines Regulation-1967 etc.

Source – The Hindu

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