Editorial of Newspapers

Reading Newspapers is an essential habit, you need to practice in your life, while preparing for CSE. An important component of this is the need to read the daily editorials as well. Reading editorials is what constitutes a very important part of the newspaper reading.


Why is Editorial of Newspapers Important?


  • Editorials are middle pathways between political-factual news and in-depth analysis, generally by experts. They concentrate on providing information about core issues, discuss the ideas around it – accompanied by data & statistics and provides solutions and policy frameworks at the same time. To develop a holistic approach of understanding an issue, a Civil Servant is expected to develop insights just like this.
  • They are well researched and are backed by statistics & data from- NSSO, NFHS, NCRB and international bodies like UN,WB,WEF,IMF etc. This provides them with a certain legitimacy.
  • Generally, Editorials are supposed to be politically neutral. They maybe questioning policies of Governments but at the same time, try to provide an alternate view and solution to the aforementioned lack as well- than just resorting to empty criticisms because of political dichotomy.
  • Important Bills and Ground breaking Laws, are generally analyzed in the editorials of the daily newspapers.
  • Besides, providing fodder for Mains answer writing, Editorials are crucial to develop a good vocabulary, jotting down keywords and sometimes provide important prelims’ related facts and statistics as well.

How can We Help?

  • Youth Destination seeks to offer you with important daily editorials from leading newspapers like The Hindu, The Indian Express, Dainik Jagran and Dainik Bhaskar etc, designed to make lessen your workload. Our team will ensure that everyday, you are provided with a gist of the important editorials, with adequate background facts and categorization of topics as such, so that you don’t have to invest your precious time in this section.
  • Our team of Experts will cover important daily newspapers editorials of both Hindi and English language and will provide you a bilingual analysis of all- so that you get an all round picture on various news and issues irrespective of your medium.
  • The daily quizzes we post on the website of Youth Destination will be based on from these editorials we prepare for you as well- so that you revise on important topics from this section, without having to tirelessly engage in process of note making for the same.
  • While following the CSE standards, Youth Destination will provide you tailor made notes on daily editorials which will help you, not only save your time of going through them by yourself, but will also engage you to build up a better vocabulary and offer additional insights as well.

It is important for you to remember that, mere reading of an editorial is not important. One needs to know how to analyse which editorial item is important keeping in mind CSE, categorize each selected editorial into different General Studies Paper from the Mains Exam course, e.g – May 1st, 2020 The Hindu Editorial- Needed: a pandemic patent pool , includes- a basic prelim fact (26th April is World Intellectual Property Day) and interlinks General Studies Paper II (dealing with Human rights), General Studies Paper IV (Patents & Intellectual Property rights) and it can be used as fodder for ESSAY. What is important for you to note here, is that you will require a judicious eye to squeeze out relevant portions from daily editorials to be successful – in avoiding scarcity of data and at the same time, not being overwhelmed by the abundance of it.


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