Cyclone Mocha

Cyclone Mocha

According to the India Meteorological Department (MD), Cyclone Mocha will hit the coast of West Bengal and Odisha this week.

  • Cyclone Moka, is a tropical cyclone. It has developed over a cyclonic storm over southeast Bay of Bengal (BoB).
  • Tropical cyclones are severe storms. They originate over warm ocean waters near the equator.

Favorable conditions for their formation –

  • Large sea surface with temperature above 27°C.
  • Upper divergence above the ocean floor system
  • Pre-existing weak low pressure area or low level cyclonic circulation.
  • Partial change in vertical wind speed.
  • Presence of Coriolis force.

Cyclones are named by Regional Specialized Meteorological Centers (RSMCs) and Tropical Cyclone Warning Centers (TCWCs).

There are 6 regional specialized meteorological centers in the world. These include the IMD and several TCWCs. As an RSMC, the IMD names cyclones that develop over the northern Indian Ocean, including the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea.

These names are taken from a list of names. Any name can be up to a maximum of eight letters. In this, a country-wise list of names is proposed in different alphabetical order. These names are gender neutral. IMD is also empowered to issue advisories to 12 other countries in the region.

The name Moka (Mokha) was suggested by Yaman. It is named after a port city on the coast of the Red Sea. This city started the practice of coffee in the world 500 years ago.

Source – Hindustan Times

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