Cyclone Jawad – Tropical cyclone

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Recently, the situation of ‘Deep Depression’ formed in the Bay of Bengal intensified into a deep cyclonic storm (Cyclone Jawad) Jawad and this cyclon is likely to reach Odisha and Andhra Pradesh.

This cyclonic storm (Cyclone Jawad) has been named by ‘Saudi Arabia’, and has been named ‘Jawad’. ‘Jawad’ in Arabic means generous or kind. Since, this storm will not be as strong and dangerous as other cyclonic storms, hence it is named ‘Jawad’.

Tropical cyclone:

  • Tropical cyclones are cyclones arising between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. They occur in tropical marine parts when the temperature exceeds 27ºC.
  • These regions receive the highest amount of solar light, resulting in warming of the terrestrial and upper surface of water bodies. As the surface warms, warm-humid air over the ocean begins to rise, then rapidly moves forward to fill this void, then it also warms up.
  • Presence of Coriolis force, decrease in vertical wind speed, weak low pressure area and upward divergence at sea level create favorable conditions for the origin and development of these cyclones. They are formed by the rise of moist air due to excessive evaporation.
  • These cyclones get their energy from latent heat of condensation. Therefore, the main effect of these cyclones is only in the coastal areas because when they reach the land part, their source of energy, latent heat of condensation, decreases.

Key features of a tropical cyclone

  • Wind load lines are circular in shape.
  • The diameter of a cyclone is 150 to 300 km.
  • The central part of the cyclone is called the eye of the cyclone.
  • They don’t have a front.
  • They contain a large amount of latent heat due to evaporation.
  • Their speed can range from 50 kilometers to 300 kilometers per hour.
  • They originate in the autumn season.

Source: The Hindu

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