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Preparation for CSE is arduous. The portion to be covered is vast, static and dynamic at the same time. To streamline your resources, it is essential that you understand the syllabus and examination pattern of Civil Services completely, before jumping into the game.


As per the recent analysis of the examination pattern adhered to, by UPSC for CSE, one will note that Current- National & International events have come to acquire an important part of questions asked at both Preliminary and Main stages of CSE.


What to remember while preparing for Current Affairs for CSE?


  • The most important thing to remember while preparing for the Current Affairs is to choose quality over quantity. The fundamental problem that candidates face is that they tend to accumulate vast resources for this section, which eventually they are unable to cover due to paucity of time, vastness of static syllabus-hence you must remember to limit their resources, if you want to be productive. Read newspapers daily, but make sure, not to invest much time into this habit. The Hindu, The Indian Express for English Medium and Hindi Daily like Dainik Jagran are considered good.
  • Secondly, You must remember to limit the time you assign daily for the section of current affairs. Disproportional time assigned to daily newspapers reading, online reading of important compilations of current affairs, will affect your studying time for other subjects. You can divide your time table in a way that you do not invest more than 90 minutes (approx) in a day on current affairs (reading newspapers & news websites etc) and some time off your schedule during weekends to cover our monthly compiled magazines and materials we provide to you on current affairs on our website of Youth Destination.
  • An important aspect to remember always while preparing for current affairs for CSE, is that we need to remember that it is the issues that is important and not the news aspect of it. Political News have no use in the preparation for CSE current affairs. In a news article, You should focus on obtaining background knowledge about an issue, current status of it, consider both pros and cons about it and focus on knowing about solutions or way forward regarding it. This is a holistic approach to separate the unnecessary political aspect from the substantial part of the current events for CSE.
  • Last but not the least, the best mantra you should follow while preparing for current affairs, is to Read and Revise. Revision is an integral strategy of preparation for CSE at all levels. As Current Affairs is a very vast segment, hence revision is essential. While dealing with current events, take note of the static as well as the dynamic background of the event in question. Interconnecting issues, is central to the preparation of this section, e.g, when reading about International affairs, try to relate it with the static geographical locations which may have been a part of the issue.

What does Our Current Affairs segment has to offer ?


  • The expert team at Youth Destination will employ all successful strategies which successful candidates have implemented to, in regards with current affairs. Our team is working to provide you daily news regarding relevant burning topics, interlinked with static important facts based on it and mindmaps for the same. This integrated material is being offered to you through Youth Destination, is aimed at providing you with a one stop shop for all your needs, in dealing with the current affairs segment of CSE.
  • The expert team of Youth Destination is known to produce relevant material on important topics after a judicious process, taking into account- various aspects in a topic, ranging from political, social, economic, technological, environmental and cultural- which when supplemented with the daily newspaper articles and editorials, is going to become your bedrock for current affairs section in CSE.
  • Our team will prepare current affairs from important sources like – The Hindu, Indian Express, PIB, Yojana, Kurukshetra etc. The articles will highlight keywords and burning issues which you can use at all three stages of your CSE.
  • Monthly compilations consisting of the most relevant news items in a month will be issued for your benefit.
  • Besides providing daily current affairs, monthly compilations, we are also going to keep you engaged in revision and repetition by daily quizzes which are to be based partly on current affairs, daily posted on our websites.

A renowned American Economist, Herbert Simon, had once said, “A wealth of Information,leads to poverty of attention”. Keeping his remark in mind, Youth Destination intends to bring to you an integrated current affairs programme based on relevant issues, designed to provide you a 360degree detail, without adding to the bulk of your study portion. Our current affairs feature will add on to your knowledge base and also strengthen your vocabulary of keywords regarded as necessary in CSE.



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