How was the Cripps proposal different from the August proposal? Discuss

QuestionHow was the Cripps proposal different from the August proposal? Discuss9 August 2021


Germany was rapidly conquering the Second War. Britain’s economy was also badly affected by the war. In such a situation, the British government was in great need of India’s support. Therefore, to satisfy the Indians by the British Government, the first proposed “August offer” was followed by the Cripps Proposal.

Difference between August offer and Cripps proposal:

  • Under the Cripps proposal, the responsibility of framing the Constitution was given to the Indians. Whereas, under the August offer, partial responsibility for framing the constitution was given to Indians.
  • The structure of the Constituent Assembly was clearly specified under the Cripps proposal. In contrast, the composition of the Constituent Assembly was not clearly specified under the August offer.
  • Dominion status was proposed to India under the Crips proposal. But the freedom to determine relations with international bodies was not given. In contrast, under the August offer, only dominion status was proposed to India.
  • Under Crips proposal the Viceroy’s Executive Council was to be immediately reorganized. The restructured executive council the key offices like; Ministry of Defense, Foreign Affairs and Governor General to be from British. Apart from this, all other ministries will be from Indians.


Both proposals were rejected by the Congress. The worst part of these proposals was that they gave more importance to minorities, which gave rise to communalism and division of the country.


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